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  • 9mm 147gr RN BB (QTY:750) Gunmetal Blue

Please note manufacturing will take 2-10 working days.

9mm 147gr RN BB - is a non-lube groove bullet thus has a longer driving band creating greater accuracy during the firing process.

All bullets are cast then coated with Bullet Corp Bullet Coating that molecularly bonds to the bullet. This process completely encapsulates the bullet.

Coatings special features:


No smoke

No plastic burning smell

Thermally stable

Resistant to weathering and chemical degradation

Strong mechanical and tensile strength properties


Able to withstand high pressure conditions

Able to withstand high heat conditions

High degree of wear and abrasion resistance

Reduced friction resistance

Good flame retarding properties

 Benefits of shooting Bullet Corp bullets include:


Coating prevents lead to bore contact thus virtually eliminating lead fouling

No Smoke

No plastic burning smell

Range friendly

Bullets feed well in automated bullet feeders

Shoot higher velocities without lead fouling

Can be shot through polygonal rifling (Glocks)


Technical Details

Sized to .356 (Typical) other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

Colour: Gunmetal Blue

QTY: 750

Actual weight: 150gr 


Always use the correct expanding die to expand the case and mouth of the case before seating a cast bullet. This will prevent shaving the bullet which will ruin accuracy and swaging the base to prevent gas cutting which could lead to severe leading.

Bullet Corps Powder Thru Expander Plugs available HERE

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9mm 147gr RN BB (QTY:750) Gunmetal Blue

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  • Product Code: 9mm 147gr RN BB (QTY:750) Gunmetal Blue
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