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Hi-Tek Supercoat is bringing cast bullets into the 21st century. The Hi-Tek Heat Set Supercoat was developed specifically for commercial bullet casters to provide re-loaders with a cast bullet that didn't smoke and gum up reloading dies like a traditional wax lubed bullet. Properly applied the coating molecularly bonds to the lead, encasing the entire projectile in a protective shell that is self-lubricating. This proprietary coating contains no PTFE or Moly.

What this means to you? No messy wax lubes that smoke, gums up your reloading dies or bullet feeders. Since the bullet is totally encapsulated, it also greatly reduces your exposure to lead. Cleaner Guns, Cleaner Hands and Cleaner Air are all benefits of the Hi-Tek Supercoat.

More about the Supercoat

The Hi-Tek Supercoat is very hard, durable and very slippery product. The coating is specifically suited for coating Lead alloys as used with all firearms, and may eliminate the need for Copper Jacketing or Copper Electroplating of Lead alloys.

When coatings are applied to bare Lead alloys, and correctly cured, the coating compares very favourably with Copper Jacketed and Electroplated type of projectiles to reduce atomised Lead emissions, and keep Barrel clean from Lead deposits.

Due to unique technology, the Hi-Tek-Lube Supercoat is able to "reflect" heat from the Alloy being used, and virtually eliminates need for use of Gas Checks as used in high velocity ammunition, and no heat damage occurs to the projectiles with the high powder charge and high velocities usually encountered.

During firing of coated ammunition, the coating automatically self "adjusts" properties to maximise lubricity and engineering requirements, which minimises heat deformation to barrels and alloys, and maintains accuracy of guns and fired projectiles.

Projectiles that have been multi coated with this coating, exhibit excellent handling properties with automated loading machines, and leave little or no residues or Lead particles with the mechanical handling equipment. The coating allows extreme deformation of alloy without coating coming off surfaces.

When fired with various calibre guns, the reduction of atomised Lead is significantly reduced and compared favourably with Copper Jacketed type of projectiles.

Due to the high lubricity of coating, frictional heat warping and Barrel wear is minimised, and is a great plus, over Copper Jacketed and Plated projectiles, which may cause premature wear due to lack of lubrication, and having direct metal to metal frictional contact.

During handling of coated projectiles, the cured coatings minimises Lead absorption by skin contact to operators.

Reloading equipment is kept much cleaner without Lead deposits being transferred to machinery, and as the coating is a dry lubricant, there is virtually no contamination being transferred onto loading equipment.

When tested with various calibre projectiles, from speeds varying from 600 feet per seconds to 3000 feet per second, the projectiles captured in Water tanks, showed very little damage to the coated surfaces, and coating remained intact on the metal alloy, even when fired with difficult configuration Gun Barrel Riflings.

Copper Jacketed and Supercoated projectiles were compared by firing into Water tank with the same Handgun models, the retrieved projectiles compared very well as the Supercoated projectiles had virtually no damage with friction and heat.

The guns had no visible residue in the Barrel or Compensators after 100s of rounds being fired with the Supercoated projectiles. Ammunition that has been coated with Supercoat allowed these projectiles to be fired with very high precision and accuracy when tested with a number of guns, leaving virtually no residue and no wear to Barrels.

Due to the revolutionary technology with the in built "designs", of the Hi-Tek Supercoat, makes this product an economical and superior product for coating projectiles.

 The Supercoat was used for coating Copper Plated and copper Jacketed projectiles, with intent to prevent barrel being coated with Copper requiring corrosive and damaging chemical cleaning.

After firing copper coated and plated projectiles, that were coated with Supercoat, it was found, that no Copper deposits were noticed after 100 rounds were fired through a rifle.

This is a very good result, as using such projectiles with Copper jacketing or coating, the Supercoated  jacketed projectiles produces significant reduction of unwanted deposits requiring time consuming, costly and damaging cleaning.

Supercoated projectiles eliminates requirements for other types of lubricants to be used on projectiles.

Product certification.

HI-TEK-LUBE Supercoat, is the only lubricating coating, that has been tested with certification by an accredited  Environmental engineering consultant company.

Tests conducted, determined that the Supercoat produced similar atomised Lead levels as being produced with Copper Plated projectiles.

The use of coatings on Hard Cast projectiles, it was found, that levels of atomised Lead was 1/50th to 1/100th times below maximum allowable Lead levels in air.

These Lead emission levels meet US and Australian health standards.

Copy of Certification can be supplied to written requests.