Want to sell our bullets? Please read the wholesale policy and create a wholesale Account 

Wholesale Discount Prices

Wholesale discounted prices are available to customers that will be reselling our products to the consumer through an established retail store or web site. Please provide website or store location to verify eligibility.
Wholesale prices and suggested retail prices are posted on our web site after registration.

Wholesale Order

How to place your Wholesale order click here

Minimum Order

At this time, there is not a minimum order. 

Placing Orders

You may place your order though our wholesale order system online:
You must be a registered wholesale user to view this site. If you have not yet registered please go to the web site, click on "Log In" then "Create New Account". Select the customer group wholesale and follow the prompts and submit your information. 
Contact us on our Contact Us page for more information.

Lead Time

Typically we ship orders within 10-15 business days and sometimes the same day. During a busy season it may take up to 20-30 business days but this is unusual. If you have a rush order please let us know and we will exert extra effort to try to get your order out sooner.

Out of Stock

We try to have everything in stock. However, there may be unavoidable outages. When an out of stock situation occurs we do not back-order out-of-stock items. We will edit your wholesale order before approval and you will only pay for the available products that we will then ship.


We do not provide shipping for wholesale orders. Own shipping should be arranged once order is ready.

Shipping Errors/Damaged Goods

Bullet Corp is not liable for any products damaged or lost during shipping. 


Our bullets are guaranteed to satisfy the customer’s sales expectations. In the event that the customer wishes to discontinue any or all Bullet Corps products, any products returned to Bullet Corp in original condition will be credited to the customer’s account. Please see our Return Policy


We accept only Bank Transfer on wholesale orders. Banking Details click here

Please note we are not VAT registered.

International Orders

We do not ship international orders at this time.


We thrive on customer feedback. Customer observations, ideas and suggestions are where many of our products originated. We encourage you to point out areas that we can improve and love to receive complements!

Terms & Condition

Bullet corps Terms & Conditions still apply.