Frequently Asked Questions and Tips For Loading

Q: What are 'Polymer Coated Bullets'?
A: Bullet Corps Polymer Coated Bullets are hard cast bullets with a tough polymer shell which encases the lead projectile. They are similar in concept to copper plated bullets, except the plating is made out of polymer instead of copper or copper alloy. Also, while many plated bullets are made of soft lead and can't stand up to powerful pistol loads, our hard lead alloy allows these bullets to hold up under these higher levels of stress.

Q: What are the advantages of Bullet Corp coated bullets?
A: Coating prevents lead to bore contact thus virtually eliminating lead fouling

No Smoke

No plastic burning smell

Range friendly

Bullets feed well in automated bullet feeders

Shoot higher velocities without lead fouling

Can be shot through polygonal rifling (Glocks)

Lower cost

Longer barrel life 

Thermally stable

Resistant to weathering and chemical degradation

Strong mechanical and tensile strength properties


Able to withstand high pressure conditions

Able to withstand high heat conditions

High degree of wear and abrasion resistance

Reduced friction resistance

Good flame retarding properties

Q: Do you offer sample packs?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer sample packs any more.


Q: Do the bullets smoke when being fired?

A: No. You will notice a dramatic reduction in smoke compared to standard lubed bullets as there is no wax used in the making of this bullet. The Bullet Corp coating is the lubricant. Please Note: You may still experience some smoke when shooting these as this comes from the powder you may be using. Some powders smoke more than others.

Q: How fast can these bullets be fired?
A: They can be shot as fast as the lead hardness will allow it.

Q: Is the diameter of the bullet measured before or after coating?
A: The sizing diameter always includes the coating, bullets are not sized until they have been coated.
Q: Does the Bullet Corp Coating add size to the bullet?
A: NO. The bullets are sized AFTER the Bullet Corp Coating is applied so you end up with a properly sized bullet.

Q: Can I shoot these through a Glock (polygonal rifled barrel)?
A: Yes, the coating on these bullets allows them to perform just like a plated or jacketed bullet, they will fire accurately and cleanly through polygonal rifled barrels such as those found on Glocks.
Q: Will there be any residue of the Bullet Corp coating in my barrel after shooting?
A: No not at all. In fact it is much cleaner than copper plated bullets and it will not leave any residue behind in the barrel. The only residue that you will find in the barrel is from the burned powder.
Q: Do I need a gas check with our bullets?
A: No. The Bullet Corp coating is able to withstand high pressure and heat conditions

Q: Don't hard cast bullets need to be lubricated?
A: The Bullet Corp coating is self-lubricating and prevents lead from ever coming into direct contact with the bore. The Bullet Corp coating also will never leave residue or streaking in the bore. Many shooters have commented that their bores are cleaner after shooting our bullets.

Q: I want to run these bullets in my open gun, will they work?
A: Yes, our Bullet Corp coated bullets work great with major power factor and do not leave residue in compensators or muzzle brakes. You also need not worry about smoke obstructing your vision during rapid fire.

Q: How should I load Bullet Corp coated bullets?
A: Read more at Reloading Data 
Q: Is it safe to shoot steel targets with Bullet Corp coated bullets?
A: Yes, these bullets will deform and splatter just like regular hard cast lead bullets when shooting steel plates. In fact, our Bullet Corp bullets are even safer than copper jacketed or plated bullets when shooting steel, since the bullets splatter into smaller pieces instead of sharp jacket fragments. Always wear eye and ear protection and follow all safety precautions for shooting steel.
Q: Can the Bullet Corp coated bullets be used in an Indoor Range?
A: We say YES as there is no exposed lead. Check with your local range to verify. They would have the final say.

Q: Does Bullet Corp sell to wholesalers?
A: Yes we sell to wholesalers. Please read the Wholesale Policy.
Q: Do you sell loaded ammo?
A: NO. We only sell the projectile.
Q: What coating is used for Bullet Corp coated bullets?
A: The coating we use is called Bullet Corp Bullet Coating made by Bullet Corp in South Africa. Newly developed, self-drying, self-lubricating and low smoking protective bullet coating - capable of operating under extreme temperature, pressure and harsh conditions.   
Q: How is the Bullet Corp coating applied?
A: After the bullets are cast we apply a coat of Bullet Corp Bullet Coating to the bullets and then bake them in a commercial oven at 180 degrees. After they cool we apply a SECOND coat. Read more at Coating Instructions 

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