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Have you loaded coated bullets and found leading in your barrel?
Your Lee Precision dies are set perfect, you have checked your bullets but you still get a bit of leading…
Bullet Corp has the solution for you.
The new Bullet Corp Expander Thru Plug.
A simple, drop in part. Just remove your standard Lee Precision Expander Plug and replace with the Bullet Corp Expander Thru Plug.
Here’s why you need one if you are loading coated bullets:
The standard lee expander only provides a flare to the case mouth, it does expand a bit of the case but this is undersized to .354. This works perfectly with a .355 CMJ bullet.
But we are now loading bullets sized to .356 or .357.
The Bullet Corp Expander does 3 things…it flares the case mouth just like the Lee expander does but it also expands the case deeper, just enough to accept the .356 or .357 bullet. It also aids with the seating of the bullet…allowing the bullet to be seated straight.
This allows for the bullet to be seated without damaging the coating and more importantly does not swage the bottom bit of the bullet.
That last bit is important. If you were to swage the bottom of the bullet smaller than its original size you will have gas cutting. Gas cutting is when the gasses created by your powder passes past the bullet and “cuts” the coating, exposing the lead. This will lead to leading at the end of your barrel as the lubricating properties of the coating have been eliminated.
The Bullet Corp Expander eliminates these problems.
It also does not interfere with the function of your powder measure. We have tested it on the Pro Auto Disk and the Auto Drum.
If you are loading coated bullets, We suggest you get yourself one today.
These are not to be used with Factory Crimp Dies!


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9mm Expander Thru Plug Lee

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